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He’s a friendly and well-behaved boy who loves hanging out with his humans, though snuggling isn't quite his style. He's more into those solid pets and a nice brushing session – that's his kind of relaxation. While he may not sit on your lap, he won’t be far away. When playtime takes a break, he likes to follow his foster mom around and snooze nearby. At night, he's more than happy to find his cozy spot on the bed.

Goose may appear cool and collected, but don't be fooled, once you break out the wand toys, his silly side emerges. Get the build-up just right, and you'll witness some seriously impressive backflips that show off his agility. Sometimes, he's up for chasing that wand from room to room, and he might even decide to carry it himself!

We think Goose would do well in a home with respectful friends, either cat or dog. He is an independent kitty so would probably do well alone in a home too if he has sufficient human company. He is currently living with Bear, and although they are not the best of friends (yet), he tolerates her and enjoys watching her playtime zoomies.

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Age : DOB November 2020
Breed : DSH male

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