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Sybil is sister to Elyse! She is a fantastic little kitten. She loves to spend a lot of time on your lap getting pets and having a nap. She is quite forward and adventurous and will approach visitors fairly quickly. She, like Elyse, loves laser games and will wear out both the laser operator and the laser batteries. Wand toys are also make fantastic play time and she will jump and flip trying to catch her toy. Her purr on button is quite sensitive and is almost instant on when being petted. It’s quite loud and can sometimes be heard across the room. She would like to find a home that could also take her sister Elyse, but would do just fine on her own.

Sybil has been vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. She will be getting her rabies vaccine once she is big enough 

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Age : DOB Dec 1, 2023
Breed : DSH calico

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