Update on Gremlin May 2019: 

In september of 2018 Gremlin lost an extreme amount of weight. She started vomiting her food or just not eating at all and she could not fully control her bladder. She went to see Dr. Fredlund for a full work up - bloodwork, urine sample and general assessment. It was found she had insulin dependent diabietes as her urine was positive for glucose, proteins, ketones and blood. She was immediately started on Caninsulin and her foster mom learned how to check her blood sugars before every meal. She slowly began to eat again but she never fully gained her weight or muscle back. However the silver lining of this was less stress to her spinal cord and hips. 

Over the next weeks Gremlin tranisitioned her insulin dose to a therapeutic level which required multiple glucose checks during the day (every 2 hours for 12 hours) to see how her body responded to the medication and food. 

In january 2019, Gremlin went back to see Dr.Fredlund because her fur was shedding a lot and she had significant dandruff which was not common for her at all, as well she had 2 new lumps on her leg and chest. They did skin scrapings and bloodwork to check her thyroid and general health and needle biopsy for the lumps. The skin scraping ruled out a topical infection of dermodex or mites. The biopsy's revealed no concern for the lumps! Her bloodwork showed her thyoid is normal but she could have induced cushings because of her prolonged use of steroids and medications to treat her Irritible bowel and anxiety. Cushings can cause hair loss and very sensitive skin. 


November 2017:

Miss Gremlin has been with NASAP since Feb 2015, as an adoptable dog, and as of Nov 2017, has joined the ranks of our Permanent Care Animals.

Unfortunately, Gremlin's past hasn't been easy. She came to us with pretty severe behavioural concerns, in addition to inflammatory bowel disease and spay incontinence requiring special diets and meds. Her devoted foster home has put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into Gremlin's well-being, and never gave up on her, no matter how tough things got over the years. 

Gremlin really started making strides this year with her reactivity and fear aggression, we were all elated with her incredible progress, hoping against hope she might finally find home. 

But then Gremlin started limping. Miss Gremlin was diagnosed with both hip dysplasia and disco spondilosis in her neck and thorax. This means her vertebrae are fusing together and it will progress to arthritis. Her funny gate and sitting positions are because her hips can dislocate very easily. 

With the plethora of meds, the special diet, the progressive and degenerative orthopaedic conditions, and the high reactivity and behaviour concerns, we had to look at the big picture and make the tough call that Gremlin is best off in her foster home of three years, where all her needs will be met, and we know for sure she will have the highest quality care for the rest of her life. Turns out she has been home all along!!

She loves car rides, playing in the pool, long walks and running as fast as she can. She loves squeaky toys and tug of war is her favourite game. 

gremlin and willow grem willow