Hello this is Miss Gremlin,  she's a sweetheart :)


Gremlin has had a tough last few months! She was recently been diagnosised with severe hip dysplasia and disco spondilosis in her neck and thorax. This means her vertabrea are fusing together and it will progress to arthritis. Her funny gate and sitting positions are because her hips can dislocate very easily. Her presummed allergies have been found to be inflammatory bowel disease. She went for an ultrasound and found her intestine to be compeltely inflammed to twice the normal size. She has been started on steriods to help calm the inflamation and a kangaroo diet to help with the pain and strain to her spine and joints. She still takes stilbesterol twice a week to prevent urinary leakage due to low estorgen levels and has had no further issues.

Her anixety and reactiveness are being managed with positive reinforcement training and medication, which she is doing fabulous on. She is still very anxious around children and some strangers at times. We keep a very watchful eye on her due to her unpredicatble nature at times. She is very smart and very eager to please. 

 She had a full consultation and work up with an internalist and everything was found to be normal and healthy!

Since coming to NASAP in February 2015 she has had a long road, with medical issues and behavioural issues to over come. She has become calmer, more trusting and a great listener. These characterists take time to build and develop. She has recieved puppy training and many hours of individual training. She continually works on her training. She knows her basic commands and walks well on the leash. She is constantly working on her socialization skills with other dogs and still requires more time to work on this skill. She gets along very well with her 'sister' Willow the resident foster home dog which took time and patience. And with time and redirection she has made a few friends. On walks she is intermittently dog and kid reactive and requires redirection. 

She is great with the resident cat - respectful while still being curious. 


She loves car rides, playing in the pool, long walks and running as fast as she can. She loves squeaky toys and tug of war is her favourite game.