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Kahlua (now Caidin)

Kahlua (now Caidin) Image

Hi ... remember me?  I was called Kahlua when you wonderful people saved me.  I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am a very happy girl in my forever home.  My mom calls me "Caidin" now because she says I am so unique and I should have a unique name.  She loves me so much.  I was pretty busy when I moved in here, but I settled down a lot.  My big sister, Kismet, a beautiful Golden Retriever, taught me so much.  Kizmit went to live in Heaven last month and I miss her so very much.  My mom and I keep very busy when she isn't at work.   Mommy doesn't quite trust me offleash yet when there are distractions.  She says I have to learn the word "come".   I guess I'll find out what that is in time!!   I walk on the leash like a real lady and am learning real good manners.  I didn't know what manners were when I moved in here, but I am so happy now that I just want to learn everything.  I try to keep everyone happy and I think I am doing a good job of that.  My tail just never stops wagging!  Just wanted to say thank you for finding me a happy place to spend my life.  My mom and dad say thank you too.  Please just ask her to quit combing my hair so much 'cos I don't really like it!!    Thanks.

Sadie (formerly Whist)

Sadie (formerly Whist) Image

Whist is doing great.  Her new name is Sadie and she is the perfect puppy for us.  She and her sister Saffy are doing wonderful.  Sadie is a miracle puppy, never does anything naughty like most puppies.  We are very happy with both of them.  It's like they have always been part of our family.  They both love the farm life and are great additions to our place.  I sent some pics of Sadie and one with our older dog digger. They get along very well together.  Thanks for the great experience of adopting our puppies!!

Mitsy (now Tanzi)

Mitsy (now Tanzi) Image

Tanzi and Navarro are now happily living together  and enjoy one another's company very much.    Tanzi is a delightful little dog and loves playing outside with Navarro.


Navarro Image

I had quite a problem to get Navarro to sit still so that I could take a photo of him.   He runs away as soon as I pick up the camera!   He is still quite a timid little dog but has learnt to play with the toys now.  He is not too crazy about the toys that squeak though!    He just loves looking out the window.

Fips (now Finnegan)

Fips (now Finnegan) Image

It's been a GREAT few months with our new friend Finnigan (formerly Fips) and I wanted to take a minute to write an update on his life.
Finnegan instantly became one of the family.  He is a GENIUS!   I couldn't have asked for a smarter, keener, more PERFECT dog.  From day one, the love from his foster home really proved to be positive.  He took an instant liking to the cats and a gentle respect for his big brother Munky, the shih tzu/poodle.  Never making a mistake in his housetraining (so lucky!!) and sleeping (almost) through the night on our bedroom floor.   You warned us that he may need some time to come out of his shell after his rocky start in life, but there was definitely no shell to come out of for this little guy!  He went from being curled on my lap to bounding around the house, fetching balls and waking us up at 7 every morning!  He mastered his basic obedience in his first week with us and is now enrolled in Sentry Dogs obedience classes to continue his education and become an even greater citizen.   Finn and I take the bus to work every morning and he has become quite the local celebrity!  The busdrivers know him by name and many nice ladies know his favourite treats!  We get recognised everywhere we go.  Finn STILL gets people asking "is he the puppy from the NASAP website?"!!   He definitely touched more than just our hearts with that picture!   Every Sunday at noon he joins his friends at the offleash park.  One day,we ran into his brother Austin at Terwillegar Park!  It was quite the happy reunion.   This summer is going to be a blast.  He is so quick and eager to learn.  As soon as he's physically ready, a hobby in agility is definitely in order.   He takes a bath and brush-blowdry really well.  His ears, after some hesitation, have decided to be "up" ears and  his little head is working hard to grow into them!   He has also doubled in weight from 12 lbs to 35 lbs.   I have such big plans and high hopes for this fuzzy clever puppy.   Thanks for seeing that ours was the home for him.  He certainly completes us and makes us better people.  We are so lucky!

Ruben (formerly Vince)

Ruben (formerly Vince) Image

Ruben (a.k.a. Vince) is a fabulous cat. He's doing very well and seems happy and content. He's so precious and I love him dearly ... we all do. He's a very active cat that likes to play and although he's the only cat, he has lots of human company and many human playmates. He keeps us all amused with his little antics and the mischief he gets into. When he isn't playing, I bought him a huge cat tree and placed it by my bedroom window. He can be found perched on the top shelf looking out at the world. He is an inside cat but is allowed outside in the garden ... as long as he is with me and wering a harness. I certainly have no regrets about adopting him. In fact, I feel like I've won the feline-lottery! Thank you so much NASAP! 






Chloe Image

Some time ago ... we adopted a beautiful, intelligent St. Bernard/rough collie cross with the name of Darma.  She really is that dog with something extra.   Darma is slowing down because of her age and our hearts are breaking.   Anyone who meets Darma loves her and she is such a joy.  We decided to adopt Chloe, a collie/english sheepdog (so the vet thinks) ... she has brought a ton of happiness to our family.  She is light on her feet, loves her green ball, explores the woods at the acreage, and we are happy that she can go off leash now and comes back to us when called.  Chloe loves the outdoors but when she is tired, she will snuggle up to Darma and they will have cookie-time.  We love our pets from NASAP and are very thankful NASAP brought us together.

Dandie (now Munchie)

Dandie (now Munchie) Image

Hey guys!  It's me, Dandy, but all my new friends call me Munchie.  I just wanted to drop you a little note to let you know that I'm doing great here in my forever home.  It took me a little while to adjust but I'm all settled in and things are terrific.  I've had a few boo boo's in the house and mum says that she's just going to have to keep a closer eye on me, which is what I really want anyway.  I'm having so much fun with my new mum.  We go on walks all the time and I think that we're both losing a bit of weight from all the exercise.  I've taken it upon myself to rid the neighbourhood of all rabbits by chasing them away.  Maybe I've got a little greyhound in me!  I'm starting to learn that it's ok to play --- with toys and other friends.  But, my favourite thing to do is snuggle with my mum.  I let her think that it's her idea to cuddle so much, but I've got her fooled.  She tells me all the time how much she loves me and I tell her by giving lots and lots of kisses.  I am such a lucky boy to have found such a perfect match for me.  Thank you so much for taking care of me and giving me the chance to find my new family.  Love always, Munchie and eternally grateful new  mum, Charlene.