Teddy originally came to NASAP in 2015 from a partner pound. He was very thin, his teeth were in rough shape, and he was suffering from a terrible skin condition over most of his body that had caused severe irritation and hair loss. With some serious TLC he recovered and was adopted but unfortunately, Teddy returned to NASAP in 2017. Because of his advanced age and medical issues that had developed, including renal and dental disease, he will stay with NASAP in permanent care. Thanks to his amazing foster home, Teddy will have a quiet and secure indoor home where he will be safe and well cared for for the rest of his life.

Here's what his foster home has to say about Teddy:

"Teddy shares our home with our family of three, me, my husband, and my younger sister. Teddy is the sweetest foster cat we have ever cared for (and we've had over 15). He greets you when you get home from work, follows you around the house, and loves to cuddle up on your pillow at night and even stay under the blankets like that! At 12+ years old, Teddy still enjoys a good play session, whether it be chasing string or running after plush toys. He has a heated bed to keep him cozy when he needs some alone time, and enjoys looking out the window to see if the neighbourhood cats are out, or just watching the birds.

Being a permanent care foster home is quite a change of pace for us. Normally we are used to having foster animals for short periods of time (1 week - 5 months), but with Teddy, he's become a big part of our family. It's nice to be able to give him some stability and to know that he is being cared for properly, especially with the support of NASAP's medical resources."

Permanent Care Animals are animals that will stay under the care of NASAP for the rest of their lives due to severe or degenerative medical conditions. Their ongoing care is a large expense for NASAP, and we rely entirely on donations from the public. Please consider donating to their care, or attending our upcoming January event ELVIS BIRTHDAY NIGHT in support of them! (Details on donating and upcoming events can be found on our Facebook page or our website, www.nasap.ca

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Age: 12+ years old 

Permanent care since: February 2017