Meet Tango

Hi! I'm Tango and I came to NASAP with my sister Gypsy. We came from a scary place called the pound, but we never lost hope that we would get out. I am a little bit shy when I meet new people. I wait nearby and watch closely before I feel safe. Once I feel... Read More

Meet Gypsy

Hi! I'm Gypsy and I came to NASAP with my sister Tango. We came from a scary place called the pound, but we never lost hope that we would get out. I love people so much. I like to rub against them and follow them around. I love to sit on laps and get rubs.... Read More

Meet Mister

Mister is a large, short-haired black male cat. He had been living around the acreage of a very kind family for over a year. He is in very good body condition because they were feeding him. However, he was an unneutered tom cat and consequently had been in... Read More

Meet Joy

Joy is a beautiful young girl that came to NASAP via rural bylaw officers and another rescue. She was living under a post office and kept trying to come into the post office and jump into people's cars in an attempt to find safety and help. She came to NAS... Read More

Meet Stewie

Stewie is a somewhat shy and incredibly sweet 9 year old male kitty that came to NASAP on Christmas Eve 2016 with his friend, Tiggy. Stewie has short black hair that requires regular brushing. Stewie was extremely overweight and is benefiting from a high ... Read More

Meet Victoria

Victoria is an independent kitty with lovely torti markings. Victoria loves to be around people and will usually greet her people at the door. She usually rubs against legs telling you all about her day. Victoria loves having her face rubbed. Victoria does... Read More

Meet Coco

Coco is a slightly shy, but very sweet girl that came to NASAP heavily pregnant. Coco has now finished raising her kittens and is looking for her forever home. Coco was a good mom and gave everything to her litter and because of this, s... Read More

Meet Miss Gremlin

Hello this is Miss Gremlin,  she's a sweetheart :)   She has lots of energy and needs an active family. Because of her energy level she needs a home with NO CHILDREN.  She has very high anxiety around small children and her reactivity... Read More

Meet Scout

In 2012, four baby buns were surrendered to NASAP by a caring individual who humanely trapped them on her property outside of Calgary. These bunnies were born to a rabbit who was once someone's pet and was, along with other rabbits, carelessly dump... Read More

Breaking News Permanent Care NASAP Animals

 Did you know NASAP has "permanent care" foster animals? When we rescue an animal that has significant health problems requiring specialized care for the rest of their lives, we don't place them up for adoption. Rather, we keep them in their foster home permanently so that we can ensure they can have the best life possible. Because these animals require extensive veterinary work, they cost NASAP a great deal of money, and we rely solely on donations from the pubic to keep caring for them. Permanent care foster homes are an incredibly important part of what we do. Do you have room in your life for an animal in need that won't be getting adopted? You supply the love and care, we'll supply the medications, supplies, and support. Please contact us today about donating to our permanent care animals or becoming a permanent care foster home!


Thank You!


A huge and heartfelt thank you to our wonderful partner The Starlite Room, for their continued support and their generous donation! We are so happy and grateful to have amazing people with us in the Edmonton community - keep up the great work!

NASAP extends sincere thanks and gratitude to the Cunningham Animal Care Fund at the Edmonton Community Foundation for their very generous grant of $6,312.00!!

NASAP thanks the City of Edmonton Animal Rescue Fund for their second grant to provide veterinary care for permanent care Cookie!

NASAP sends a heart felt and huge THANK YOU to pet groomers Catty Canines for their ongoing and generous support! The team at Catty Canines treats all of our foster pups to the best spa days! 

catty canine
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