Meet Apricot

Meet Apricot She is a sweet lady that her mom has Nick named Apricat on account of her gorgeous orange tabby Color’s. She is the most playful of the group always really to chase a ball or teaser. She is also the one that everyone snuggles with. She fi... Read More

Meet Shadow

Meet Shadow She was named Shadow because of how scared she was when she was rescued. It has taken weeks for her to come out of the shadows and be part of the group and play. She is always amazing with the other cats but humans took a long time to trust... Read More

Meet Midnight

Meet Midnight He is the sweetest, the cuddliest and most loving kitten ever. He loves to jump into his foster moms arms or shoulder any time. He loves to play and rough house. He is so easy going He would love to meet you He is neutered, vaccinat... Read More

Meet Pebbles

Meet Pebbles She is the tiniest, sweetest lady. She was found on her own and made a family with Midnight before adding the rest of the orphan kittens to her family. He is super sweet and adventurous. She’s tiny but mighty Pebbles is spayed, v... Read More

Meet Goose

Say hello to Goose! He’s a friendly and well-behaved boy who loves hanging out with his humans, though snuggling isn't quite his style. He's more into those solid pets and a nice brushing session – that's his kind of relaxation. While he may n... Read More

Meet Bear

Meet Bear!  She’s quite the playful one, and loves any kind of attention, even if it’s just spending time together in the same room with her person. She absolutely LOVES rolling around on the floor while you give her belly rubs. Be prepar... Read More

Meet Charlie

Charlie is the MOST cuddly cat! He loves chin bumps and scartches. He is a motor boat when he is excited and loves to purr. He is great with kids and dogs. He will make an amazing addition to any home! He is playful and loves to climb. He is always in his ... Read More

Meet Moana

Moana is the sweetest lady. She was a stray and brought in from our partner pound! She is silky soft and loves cuddles. She is great with other cats and respectful. She is good with dogs.  Her favourite activities are chasing her toy mouse around the... Read More

Meet Abbie

Abbie has been in foster care since Nov 2022! She came to us from a partner pound as a stray but she was so beautiful and well mannered there was no way she was a street cat. She was found to be a Savannah cat and she is the sweetest lady.  She is mi... Read More

Meet Lizzie

Let me introduce you to Lizzie, a 7yr old brown/black striped tabby and white spayed female. Lizzie was very shy when she first came to our home. But given time to settle and lots of patience and respect for her age, she slowly came out of her shell to bec... Read More

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If you have found a feral or stray cat or dog near your home please call 311. They will ensure the proper steps with bylaw are followed and the animal to properly assessed and screened. NASAP is not able to accept stray animals. 


If you have concerns about wildlife in your area please contact WILD NORTH - geese, bunnies, nesting birds, cyotes, skunks. Please do not touch the animals. call their Wildlife hotline at (780) 914-4118  or

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