Meet Harmony

Hi I'm harmony and I love attention! I love to purr and purr and knead the skies. I love people and am very gentle. I was rescued just in time as I delivered 6 babies on February 15. Sadly one of my babies was just too small and sick and passed away a coup... Read More

Meet Romeo

Hi I'm romeo and I'm quite the love bug. I love to play and have lots of energy. I can be a little nippy cause I was never taught better. I may do better having no young children around. I'm gentle by nature and love to be carried like a baby. I am not bot... Read More

Meet Jaxson

Jaxson is a calm and laid back kitty that came to nasap as the resident kitty in his home didnt like him. Jaxson enjoys belly rubs and watching birds out the window. He likes to lay out and bird watch all day. He never scratches furniture and loves his scr... Read More

Meet Noel

Noel is a sweet kitty that came to care with her 9 litter mates. Unfortunately most of them passed away from a virus called panleukopenia. Noel was lucky and did not get the virus. She is a sweet and timid girl who is finally starting to come out of her sh... Read More

Meet Panther

Meet Panther!  Panther was born in care with his 6 other siblings on Nov 2, 2018. He was one of the smallest of the pack for a long time. He is named panther because he liked to back up with his bum in the air and pounce on his siblings, whilst growl... Read More

Meet Tiberius

Meet Tiberius!  Koda was born in care with his 6 other siblings on Nov 2, 2018. He was born within minutes of his brother Koda making them the smallest of the pack until recently. He loves curling up in his ‘caves’ - under the table, unde... Read More

Meet Pongo

Meet Pongo!  Pongo was born in care with his 6 other siblings on Nov 2, 2018. He is the eldest of the puppies and he likes to rule the clan. He is energetic and always up for playing with toys, his siblings and people. He loves people and adventures.... Read More

Meet Athena

Athena came to nasap after spending months in one of our partner pounds. Before that athena was rescued from a hoarding situation. Because of where she came from, she had not had much interaction with people and was a little scared at first. After some lov... Read More

Meet Hiccup

Hi I'm hiccup and I love to play! I especially love to play with other kitties. I'm not picky of new friends either. I also love to cuddle my friends and give them massages. My friends have helped show me that humans are nice people. I let my foster mom pi... Read More

Meet Monty

Monty is a very affectionate kitty that came to nasap with her litter mates. Monty has the softest fur you have ever felt! She loves any kind of attention and kisses. She loves to play and bird watch from the windows. Once she is all played out, monty like... Read More

Breaking News

special on cats

This fall and winter has been an especially hard time for our cat intake team. During the last 3 months they have been working hard to help with hoarding and overpopulated cat situations. Unfortunately many of these cats and kittens came to nasap very sick and required lots of extra work. Despite excellent vet care we lost 2 cats in late September, early October. Their tired bodies were just unable to fight off infection. Then came the panleukopenia virus which sadly claimed the life of 8 kittens in late November, early December..3 kittens from the same litter are still fighting viruses and not out of the woods, but we are cautiously optimistic they will pull through. Many people dont get to see the behind the scenes of rescue and just see the cute animals up for adoption, but rescue is so much more than that. Our emergency fund is for cases like these and we can only keep helping with your support and donations. Consider donating to our emergency fund or signing up to help foster.


Did you know NASAP has "permanent care" foster animals?

When we rescue an animal that has significant health problems requiring specialized care for the rest of their lives, we don't place them up for adoption. Rather, we keep them in their foster home permanently so that we can ensure they can have the best life possible. Because these animals require extensive veterinary work, they cost NASAP a great deal of money, and we rely solely on donations from the pubic to keep caring for them.

Please visit to learn more about our permenant care animals and how you can donate today! They make excellent christmas gifts for anyone on your list Wink


forever fund
perm care



NASAP sends a huge, thank you to Champion Pet foods for their continual support and donations of dog food! Champion Pet food supports so many amazing rescues around Alberta and we are so grateful for their support 


NASAP sends a huge, heart felt THANK YOU to the Cunningham Animal Care Fund at the Edmonton Community Foundation for their recent generous grant!

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