Meet Dolce

Dolce is a very sweet girl that is brand new to nasap. Dolce loves attention and will often give kisses back to her human friends. Dolce has a sweet purr and will sometimes purr just by seeing her people. She likes her toys and is gentle when she plays. Sh... Read More

Meet Percy

Percy is a very outgoing kitty that loves attention. Like most kittens, Percy loves to play and has lots of energy. He likes any kind of toy. Percy does very well with being handled and he is good with kids. He is gentle and loves attentions from anyone, e... Read More

Meet Buddy

Meet BuddyHe is a very energetic boy who loves people. He needs an active family to keep up with him! We would love to see him with a runner, to go on daily runs. He may be 8 but he has the energy of a 2 year old. He loves to play and will cuddle during qu... Read More

Meet Splash

Splash is a lovely girl that came to NASAP from a partner pound. She is super friendly and affectionate. She arrived in care heavily pregnant and gave birth to a litter of 4 healthy kittens on August 19, 2016. Please watch this space for updates about Spla... Read More

Meet Daphnie

Daphnie is a gorgeous tabby with stunning light green eyes. She is very affectionate and will often gently paw at her people so they will rub her. She enjoys human company and will move from room to room with her people. She sometimes like to talk to her p... Read More

Meet Copper

Copper is a kitty with an extremely nice temperament. Copper loves to be held and fussed over. He really enjoys any attention he can get. Copper usually sleeps on the bed and loves to be on his people. Copper does great with kids and lets them carry him ar... Read More

Meet Wilma

Wilma is a petite lady that came to NASAP from a partner pound. She is a bit shy in new situations, but her love of attention and petting quickly overwhelms any apprehension. She is very affectionate and will make someone a loving pet. She will always be a... Read More

Meet Breanna

Breanna is a short haired, black female kitten from Bitsy's litter. She was born on May 30, 2016. Brenna is a firecracker! She's hilarious and sweet, and loves to wrestle any of her siblings within reach. She might not be the biggest kitten, but she's... Read More

Meet Blane

Blane is Bitsy's kitten born May 30, 2016. Blane is a tiny feisty little guy. He's always in the middle of everything - a kitten pile, trouble, the closest lap, or wrestling off two siblings at once. He's got lots of energy and loves to run around like cra... Read More

Meet Loki

Loki is an extremely active kitty who loves his toys. Loki will play with anything but loves little toys that he can pick up. Loki has learned to play fetch. Be warned...once he starts he can go forever! Loki loves his foster brother and is often found sle... Read More

Breaking News Plea for kitten supplies and donations

Update: September 5, 2016

Thank you so much to Jill from Pet Pantry, Lynn, Lori and others from Infinite Woofs, Ken, Rona, Sherrill, Steve, Keri, Diana, Judy, Megan, Laurie, Diane and everyone that donated to NASAP's August 2016 cat litter drive!!

NASAP still needs the following items to help several litters of homeless kittens:

1) Financial donations -

In May, NASAP took in a litter of 3 week-old orphaned farm kittens into care. Without a mother, they required constant hand-feeding and veterinary support including IV fluids, antibiotics and multiple testing procedures.

In June, a young cat (Bitsy) came to NASAP from the pound. She was heavily pregnant and gave birth to a huge litter of 8 kittens, three days after intake. Her depleted state didn't allow her to generate enough milk to feed them all, and they have had to be hand-raised. Bitsy was also been quite ill and required expensive testing to diagnose and treat a severe infection in her digestive tract.

Now that it is September, we have pregnant cats and new litters of kittens arriving in our care on a regular basis. Most of these litters require additional, specialized support because of the challenges (often a lack of sufficient nutrition) the mothers have faced during their pregnancies. 

All these kitties are doing better now thanks to NASAP's intervention and vet care at our partner clinics. However our vet bills are extremely high and continue to climb every day. Please donate today so that we can continue to help litters in need! Tax receipts can be provided for monetary or supply/food donations of $20.00 and above.

2) Cases/cans of Purina Veterinary Diets kitten wet food; 

3) Bags of Purina Veterinary Diets kitten kibble;

4) Bags of Royal Canin babycat kibble;

5) Cans of PetAg Liquid Milk Replacer for kittens (KMR);

6) Cases/cans of Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline/Canine Recovery RS wet food;

7) Cases/cans of Hill's Prescription Diet Feline/Canine Urgent Care a/d wet food; 

8) Puppy pads;

If you are willing and able to donate, please contact NASAP's cat intake team at or (780) 937-3373 so that pick up/drop off can be arranged.


Thank You!!


A huge and heartfelt thank you to our wonderful partner The Starlite Room, for their continued support and their generous donation! We are so happy and grateful to have amazing people such as them with us in the Edmonton community - keep up the great work!

Also, many thanks to the City of Edmonton Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) for approving NASAP's grant application to cover medical expenses for (canine) Cookie!!

Reduced Adult Cat Adoption Fee Extended Through September!

For all of September 2016, NASAP has reduced our adult cat (6 months and older) adoption fee to only $100! This fee includes spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, deworming, microchip, feline leukemia/FIV testing and a post adoption health check exam! If you have been considering adding a feline friend to your family, there is no better time than right now! Please contact or visit our adoptable cats page to see the lovely cats waiting patiently for forever homes. 

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