Meet Rey

In a galaxy far far away, Jedi Rey was carefully growing her crew of rebel fighters. Carefully keeping her pregnancy a secret from the confederation. As sneaky as she was, she was not fast enough one day and was captured. While imprisoned, she gave birth t... Read More

Meet Merlin

Merlin is a very calm kitty that was unclamined from the pound. Merlin's favourite activity is to sit on his person's chest. Merlin seems unbothered by other cats but is currently fostered by himself. He likes to follow his humans around and has a sweet li... Read More

Meet Marley

Meet Marley!!   She came to the NASAP family a very sweet and tough girl! She hid the fact that she was in extreme pain from her arthritis and broken teeth. She has a broken ear from years previous when someone broke a bottle on her head. After mult... Read More

Meet Chole

Chole is a very spoiled kitty who was born in foster care. She loves attention and does very well to be carried around. She will play with everything and love to wrestle. Chloe is very active and is always on the go. When she is not playing, Chloe is a big... Read More

Meet Ladybug

Ladybug is a very affectionate kitty that came to nasap with her friend cricket, after they went unclamined from the pound. Ladybug is a bundle of energy and is always up to play. She loves little fuzzy balls and wands but will play with anything. She is a... Read More

Meet Lulu

Lulu was found as a stray and cared for by a family until she could come to NASAP. Lulu was very pregnant and delivered 4 babies on April 19, 2018. She is a very gentle kitty who purrs constantly and loves to crawl into laps for attention. She loves attent... Read More

Meet Jaxson

New recuit kitty Jaxson is a laid back and calm kitty. He came to us as an owner surrender as the resident cat prefered to be the only kitty. Jaxson is a little uncertain of all the changes recently but is still calm and likes rubs. He is loving the laser ... Read More

Meet Hazel

Hazel came to nasap after she was unclaimed from the pound. Hazel has lost most of her ears due to suspected frostbite. Despite her misfortune, hazel is super friendly and loves attention. She does well to be handled and seems to adjust well to new situati... Read More

Meet Cora

Cora is a very sweet kitty that came to nasap as a stray. Cora was brought in just in time as vets determined she was very pregnant. Cora gave birth to 4 beautiful babies on March 5. She was a great mom and is now spayed and ready for her own hom... Read More

Meet Greyson

Greyson is a super sweet boy that came to NASAP after he was unclaimed from the pound. Greyson is a ball of energy and loves to play. He has been learning to run on his foster moms cat exercise wheel. He loves other cats and loves to chase and wrestle... Read More

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Did you know NASAP has "permanent care" foster animals?

When we rescue an animal that has significant health problems requiring specialized care for the rest of their lives, we don't place them up for adoption. Rather, we keep them in their foster home permanently so that we can ensure they can have the best life possible. Because these animals require extensive veterinary work, they cost NASAP a great deal of money, and we rely solely on donations from the pubic to keep caring for them.

Please contact us today about donating to our permanent care animals or becoming a permanent care foster home!


perm care



NASAP sends a huge, thank you to Champion Pet foods for their continual support and donations of dog food! Champion Pet food supports so many amazing rescues around Alberta and we are so grateful for their support 


NASAP sends a huge, heart felt THANK YOU to the Cunningham Animal Care Fund at the Edmonton Community Foundation for their recent generous grant!

THANK YOU to pet groomers Catty Canines  for their many donations in 2017!! We are thrilled they have choosen Berkeley's Place for their rescue to support in 2018! As Berkeley, the amazing pup the rescue is founded from, was originally adopted from NASAP!! Chelsea and her team are amazing and we are thrilled to have their support and support them

catty canine
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