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Ellie Image

Hello NASAP: Here is an UPDATE on Ellie, the puppy we adopted FROM you in May. She is the sister of Ares and Solo who appear on this Happy Tails page as well! Her puppy picture was on the NASAP site originally as Fifi Snowdrop, but now she is our beloved Ellie! This picture was taken July 21at the lake where she loves to run and play with her friends Pidg and Kashtin the older dogs of my sister and a friend who have been her mentors at the lake and at the off-leash. Ellie is very smart and is learning so much so fast we probably wont have to even take her to obedience classes. Her 4 human siblings love her so much and the alpha male Dad at our house turns INTO a big softy when Ellie looks at him with her big brown eyes. Thank you NASAP, for rescuing Ellie, her 10 brothers and sisters and her mom Teagan for us! Barb and Ron, Edmonton.


Star Image

We wanted to let everybody know how lucky we have been to have found Star. We adopted Star in September of 2005. We have little children so we were in need of finding a dog that could put up with the constant "affection". Star's foster family was extremely helpful in finding the right dog for us and answering any questions or concerns that we may have had (THANK YOU!) Since then Star has settled in great. She is amazing with our children and they are definitely her babies. She watches them and always knows where they are. She loves going to the lake that is nearby, and tracking down squirrels in the bush across the way. We have never had to worry about her running off as she never leaves our side or goes very far. She is a wonderful friend. Thank you again NASAP. Without people like you we would have never met our forever faithful friend.


Ares Image

We just wanted to thank NASAP and Genevieve for introducing us to Ares so he could come home with us. He is such a wonderful puppy. We never knew a puppy could bring so much joy to our lives. Ares loves to play with his two rescued kitty brothers, swim in his swimming pool, and run! He learned sit and shake a paw within 2 weeks. In quiet time he will just sit beside you and let you hold his hand. He now weighs 32 pounds and is growing everyday! Thank you again!!! Shannon and Dan, Edmonton Dear NASAP, We just wanted to send in an updated picture of Ares. He's growing so fast. Ares would also like to say Hi to all of his brothers and sisters that are showing up on the Happy Tails page. Shannon, Dan, Fluffy, and Mo(his feline brothers)


Shadow Image

Just wanted to give you an UPDATE on "Shadow", who now is "Sadie". We adopted her FROM your wonderful organization in February. She's the one in Red. Here with her Friend "Franky". She has turned out to be a Great dog and friend to the family. We love her so much. And we Thank You All for the great job housing these Adoptee's. She is a real cuddly dog and loves to play in the sprinkler now that the weather is so hot. She is always by my side. So once again Thanks and keep up the good work. "Sadie Thanks you Too"

Chubbles and Randall

Chubbles and Randall Image

Chubbles and Randall have been with me for a over a year now and I would like to express my gratitude to the people at NASAP as well as the piggies former families for making it possible for me to meet my boys. I absolutely adore them and they get better veggies and fruits than I do. They have floor time in the kitchen whenever I am home and love hiding and napping in their various wooden and cardboard houses. Chubbles grandpa even built him a special wooden house with his name on it. Many people don't know how endearing guinea pigs can be. Both boys are paper trained and come when they are called by name. Chubbles makes his own pillow by pulling on his fleece blanket with his teeth and now lets me know when he wants food or attention by tugging sharply (once only!)on my pant leg or socks with his teeth. Randall stands on his hind legs and begs when he sees me coming with a plate of favorite goodies like tomatoes or oranges and he loves to play hide and seek with me when it is time for me to go to work and time for him to go back in their cage. Another favorite treat is the oat and lawn grasses I grow inside during the winter. This summer, in addition to the regular carrots, tomatoes, parsley, swiss chard, leaf lettuce and spinach, I am growing dandelion leaves for my guys even though my co-workers think Im nuts. Thank you NASAP for my boys. Georgina


Solo Image

Hello Genevieve and NASAP. My name is Solo. I now live in a very happy home with my big brother Reo, a chocolate lab! Reo and I play a lot and go on walks with my owner sisters Kate & Jen! My owner mom, Lynn takes Reo for walks down at the off leash park (I can not wait til I can go). My owner dad, Rich, takes my brother for runs (Dad says I have to be bigger to go with them). I am hoping that my mom Teagan gets adopted to a happy home just like the one I have! Here is a picture of me and my brother Reo! Solo (with help FROM Kate) Solo has become a wonderful addition to our family. He has made himself comfortable as if he always belonged with us. He and his big brother Reo have become inseparable and behave just like brother wrestling and chewing on sticks together. As Solo grows his marking are changing and we wonder just how big he is going to get. Solo is fascinated by the gold fish in our small pond and tries to catch them. In a week we will be able to take him down to Terwillegar Park (off leash). All of his brother Reos friends are looking forward to meeting him. Thanks to Genevieve and NASAP for taking such good care of our little guy and allowing us to adopt him in to our family. Lynn, Edmonton


Maverick Image

We adopted Maverick last year in May and we couldn't imagine our lives without him. Maverick lives on a farm and is top dog when it comes to any visitors arriving on his territory. Maverick loves to soak up the sun and when he's really in the mood he loves to play with his toys. Maverick's favorite game is to go INTO his toy box and scatter all of his toys all over the farm and when we go to pick them up he'll try and get them before we do and then run away. Thanks NASAP, without you we wouldn't have found "man's best friend".


Mercedes Image

Mercedes has been adopted tonight by a terrific family with two young boys, a stay at home mom and two cats. She will live on an acreage in the New Sarepta area - lucky girl! Mercedes has been renamed "Georgia" and will be very well loved and cared for by her new family. They promise to keep in touch because her foster family was very attached to her and it was hard to say goodbye even though she went to the best home ever. Have a super new life Georgia. Update: Georgia is doing good with everything. I love her! She travels awesome and kennels great. Loves to chew her toys which have tripled since we got her. Will keep you updated... Debbie